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  • noun
    plural crows
    [count] a large black bird that has a loud and harsh cry - see color picture
    Crow :a member of a Native American people of the western U.S. - compare 2crow - see also jim crow
    as the crow flies
    in a straight line
    eat crow
    xem eat
    plural crows
    [count] :the loud, high sound a rooster makes or a similar sound
    The boy gave a little crow of delight when he mastered the puzzle. - compare 1crow
    crows; crowed; crowing
    [no obj] :to make the loud, high sound that a rooster makes or a similar sound
    to talk in a way that shows too much pride about something you have done :to brag loudly or joyfully [no obj]
    The rest of us were sick of hearing her crow about/over her success. [+ obj]

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