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  • noun
    plural -lars
    [count] a part of a piece of clothing that fits around a person's neck and is usually folded down
    He wore a shirt with a tight-fitting collar.
    She grabbed me by the collar.
    He loosened his collar. [=unbuttoned the top button of his shirt]
    see color picture - see also blue-collar, pink-collar, white-collar
    a band of leather, plastic, etc., worn around an animal's neck
    I bought a new collar for the dog. - see also flea collar
    technical :a ring or band used to hold something (such as a pipe or a part of a machine) in place
    hot under the collar
    xem hot
    -lars; -lared; -laring
    [+ obj] informal
    to catch or arrest (someone)
    to stop (someone) in order to talk :to force (someone) to have a conversation

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