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  • verb
    claps; clapped; clapping
    to hit the palms of your hands together usually more than once
    People often clap to show approval or pleasure. [no obj]
    Clap your hands!
    [+ obj] :to suddenly put the palm of your hand on someone or something
    [+ obj] :to quickly or forcefully put someone or something in a place or position
    to hit (something, such as two hard surfaces) together in a way that makes a loud noise [+ obj]
    [+ obj] informal :to suddenly put (someone) in prison, jail, etc.
    clap eyes on
    xem eye
    plural claps
    [count] a sound made by clapping your hands
    a loud, sharp sound
    The board fell with a clap on the floor.
    a clap of thunder
    [count] :a friendly hit with the palm of your hand - usually singular
    He gave his friend a clap on the back.
    [singular] Brit :the act of hitting the palms of your hands together again and again to show approval or pleasure
    They gave the speaker a long clap. [=round of applause] - compare 3clap
    compare 2clap
    the clap
    slang :gonorrhea
    He got the clap.

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