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  • noun
    plural -lets
    [count] a small piece of metal or another material that is shot out of a gun
    He was hit by a stray bullet. [=the bullet missed its target and hit him instead]
    He was killed by an assassin's bullet.
    He took a bullet to the head. [=he was shot in the head] - often used before another noun
    There are bullet holes in the walls.
    a bullet wound - see also magic bullet, rubber bullet, silver bullet
    a large dot in a document, book, etc., that brings attention to separate pieces of information in a list
    Bullets were used to separate each item. - see also bullet point
    US sports :a hit or thrown ball or puck that is moving very fast
    bite the bullet
    xem bite
    dodge a/the bullet
    xem dodge
    sweat bullets
    xem sweat

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