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  • verb
    /ˈblɛs/ blesses; blessed /ˈblɛst/; blessing
    [+ obj] to make (something or someone) holy by saying a special prayer
    to ask God to care for and protect (someone or something)
    a - used in the phrase God bless to express good wishes or appreciation for someone or something
    May God bless this country.
    God bless modern medicine. [=thank God for modern medicine] - see also god bless you (below)
    b - used in phrases like bless his/her heart and bless him/her to express affection, appreciation, or understanding
    She tries so hard, bless her heart.
    My aunt Clare, bless herwatched the kids while we went out.
    Our cousin, bless his heartis just so disorganized. - see also bless you (below)
    to provide (a person, place, etc.) with something good or desirable
    usually used as (be) blessed
    to give approval to (something)
    bless my soul
    old-fashioned - used in speech to express surprise
    You decided to come see us after allWell, bless my soul!
    bless you
    or God bless you
    used in speech to express thanks or good wishes
    I'll be happy to help in any way I canOh, bless youThat's very kind of you.
    said to someone who has just sneezed;

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    blessed, blessing