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  • verb
    bashes; bashed; bashing
    [+ obj] :to cause or allow (something, such as part of your body) to hit something very hard or forcefully
    to hit (someone or something) very hard or forcefully [+ obj]
    [+ obj] :to hurt or damage (something) by hitting or beating
    They tried to bash the door open/down. - often + in
    He threatened to bash [=beatsmashmy head in.
    [+ obj] :to criticize or attack (a person or group)
    bash away
    [phrasal verb] Brit informal :to work hard at something
    bash on
    [phrasal verb] Brit informal :to continue to work hard at something
    You're not finished yetWell, bash on. [=press on]
    bash out
    [phrasal verb]
    bash out (something) or bash (something) out Brit informal :to produce (something) quickly
    bash up
    [phrasal verb]
    bash up (someone) or bash (someone) up chiefly Brit informal :to attack (someone)
    plural bashes
    [count] a big or exciting party
    We threw her a birthday bash.
    a hard and powerful hit or blow
    She gave me a bash on the head.
    have a bash at
    Brit informal :to try or attempt (something)
    I've never done it beforebut I'll have a bash at it.

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