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  • preposition
    up to (a particular time) - used to indicate the time when a particular situation, activity, or period ends
    I stayed until morning.
    He was in prison from 1850 until the 1854 revolt.
    She will be out of the office until  week.
    The coupon is good until the end of March.
    Until thenI had never known happiness.
    used to indicate the time when something will happen, become true, etc.
    We don't open until ten.
    The car won't be ready until tomorrow.
    up to the time or point that
    We played until it got dark.
    Wait until I call.
    Keep going until I tell you to stop.
    I ran until I was breathless.
    Stay here until the danger has passed.
    Stir the dough until it forms a ball.