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  • noun
    plural twos
    [count] :the number
    [count] :the second in a set or series
    page two
    [noncount] :two o'clock
    It was two in the morning.
    a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
    xem bird
    a thing or two
    xem thing
    in two
    into two equal parts :in half
    He cut the apple in two.
    in twos
    in groups of two
    in two shakes
    xem shake
    it takes two, it takes two to tango
    xem take
    of two minds, in two minds
    xem mind
    put two and two together
    to make a correct guess based on what you have seen or heard :to figure something out
    You weren't home so I put two and two together and went back to your office to find you.
    put/stick two fingers up at someone
    xem finger
    serve two masters
    xem serve
    two by two
    in groups of two :in pairs
    The children lined up two by two.
    two cents
    xem cent
    two left feet
    xem foot
    two's company, three's a crowd
    two sides of the same coin
    xem coin

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