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  • noun
    [singular] :a small, quick sound that is made by a machine (such as a clock) and that often occurs in a series to produce a rhythm
    the tick of a clock
    [count] chiefly Brit :the time that it takes a clock to make one tick :a very short period of time
    I'll be there in a tick. [=second]
    [count] chiefly Brit :a mark that is used to show that something (such as an item on a list) has been noted, done, etc. :check
    Put a tick  to your name. - compare 3tick 4tick
    ticks; ticked; ticking
    [no obj] :to make a small, quick, and often rhythmic tapping sound
    [no obj] :to continue to work or function in a normal way :run
    [+ obj] chiefly Brit :to mark (something) with a written tick () :check
    Tick the box  to your choice. - often + off
    Tick off your choice below.
    You're comingOkayI'll tick you off (on my list). [=I'll put a tick/check  to your name on my list]
    [+ obj] :to touch (something) quickly or lightly
    tick away/by/past
    [phrasal verb] of time :to pass or go by
    tick off
    [phrasal verb]
    tick (someone) off or tick off (someone)
    a US informal :to make (someone) angry
    b Brit :to criticize (someone) strongly :to tell (someone) in an angry way that he or she did something wrong
    tick (someone or something) off or tick off (someone or something)
    a US :to say the name of (someone or something) as part of a list
    to count or mark things as they pass
    We are ticking off the days until vacation. - see also 2tick 3 (above)
    tick over
    [phrasal verb]
    chiefly Brit of a vehicle's engine :to run at a very low speed
    Brit :to run or proceed in a steady but slow way
    what makes someone tick
    informal :the things that cause someone to behave a certain way :the feelings, opinions, concerns, etc., that are parts of someone's personality
    It's hard to say what makes him tick.
    plural ticks
    [count] :a very small insect that attaches itself to the skin of larger animals or people and drinks their blood - see also deer tick - compare 1tick, 4tick
    [noncount] Brit old-fashioned :an agreement to pay for something after a period of time :credit
    She bought her supplies on tick. [=she promised to pay for the supplies later] - compare 1tick 3tick

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