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  • noun
    plural -sions
    [noncount] a feeling of nervousness that makes you unable to relax
    You can see she is just filled with tension about her job.
    a feeling of nervousness, excitement, or fear that is created in a movie, book, etc.
    The  resolves the tension too soon.
    a state in which people, groups, countries, etc., disagree with and feel anger toward each other [count]
    Do you sense the tension between those two?
    There was a lot of tension at the meeting.
    a difficult situation caused by the opposite needs or effects of two different ideas, desires, etc. [count]
    He felt a tension between duty and love. [noncount]
    [noncount] :the degree to which something is stretched :the amount that something is stretched
    I don't like the tension on this tennis racket.
    muscle tension [=tightness]
    She has a lot of tension in her shoulders. - see also high-tension surface tension