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superficial /ˌsuːpɚˈfɪʃəl/  

  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    concerned only with what is obvious or apparent :not thorough or complete
    a superficial analysis of the results/data
    They had a superficial knowledge/understanding of the topic.
    affecting only the outer part or surface of something :not deep or serious
    superficial wounds/cuts
    The storm only caused superficial damage to the building.
    lying close to the surface
    superficial veins
    used to describe a quality, characteristic, etc., that can be seen in the outward appearance or manner of something or someone but that is not deep or genuine
    Don't be deceived by his superficial charm.
    On a superficial levelhis theory worksbut the facts don't support it.
    disapproving :not caring about or involving important matters or deep emotions
    He thinks she's vain and superficial. [=shallow]
    I'm not interested in superficial relationships.