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  • noun
    plural spies
    [count] a person who tries secretly to get information about a country or organization for another country or organization
    He was a spy for the CIA.
    someone who secretly watches the movement or actions of other people
    My coworker is a spy for the boss.
    spies; spied; spying
    [no obj] :to try secretly to get information about a country, organization, etc. :to act as a spy
    [+ obj] :to see or notice (someone or something)
    spy on
    [phrasal verb]
    spy on (someone or something) :to watch (someone) secretly
    Have you been spying on me? - see also 2spy 1 (above)
    spy out
    [phrasal verb]
    spy (something) out or spy out (something) :to notice, find, or learn about (something) by looking often in a secret way
    spy out the land chiefly Brit :to find or get more information about a situation secretly and before making a decision

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