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  • noun
    plural socks
    [count] :a piece of clothing that is worn on your foot and that covers your ankle and sometimes the lower part of your leg
    a white cotton sock
    usually plural
    see color picture - see also bobby socks, tube sock - compare 2sock
    knock/blow your socks off
    informal :to affect or impress you in a very strong and favorable way
    put a sock in it
    informal - used to tell someone to stop talking
    I wish someone would tell him to put a sock in it.
    plural socks
    [count] informal :a hard hit with the fist :punch
    usually singular
    She gave him a sock in the jaw/stomach. - compare 1sock
    socks; socked; socking
    [+ obj] informal :to hit (someone or something) hard
    sock away
    [phrasal verb]
    sock away (something) or sock (something) away US informal :to save (something, such as money) by putting it in a safe place
    socked in
    US :affected by bad weather conditions that prevent people from leaving
    sock it to
    informal :to do or say something to (someone) in a strong and forceful way

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