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  • verb
    -pairs; -paired; -pairing
    [+ obj] to put (something that is broken or damaged) back into good condition :fix
    to correct or improve (something, such as a relationship or reputation)
    Can their marriage be repaired? - compare 3repair
    plural -pairs
    the act or process of repairing something [noncount]
    The roof is in need of repair. [=the roof needs to be repairedthe roof is damagedin poor conditionetc.]
    a shoe/car repair shop
    The car was damaged beyond repair. [=the car was so damaged that it could not be repaired] [count]
    [noncount] :a specified physical condition
    His job is to keep the buildings in good repair. [=in good condition]
    The roof is in poor repair.
    The fence is in excellent repair.
    -pairs; -paired; -pairing
    compare 1repair
    repair to
    [phrasal verb]
    repair to (a place) old-fashioned + formal :to go to (a place)
    (humorousShall we repair to the coffee shop?

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