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  • noun
    plural -tions
    the way someone acts or feels in response to something that happens, is said, etc. [count]
    Their reaction to the news was positive.
    When I told him what happenedhis immediate reaction was one of shock.
    My first reaction when I met him was not to trust him.
    an action or attitude that shows disagreement with or disapproval of someone or something [count]
    usually singular; often + against
    reactions [plural] :the ability to act and move quickly in order to avoid sudden danger
    medical :an occurrence in which your body is affected by a drug, food, etc., in usually a bad way [count]
    I had/suffered a (bad) reaction to the medicine.
    There is a risk of adverse reaction to the medicine.
    a chemistry :a chemical change that occurs when two or more substances combine to form a new substance [count]
    The reaction of hydrogen with oxygen makes water.
    [count, noncount] physics :a process in which the nucleus of an atom is changed by being split apart or joined with the nucleus of another atom - called also nuclear reaction, - see also chain reaction
    [count, noncount] physics :a physical force that opposes the action of an equal and opposite force
    For every actionthere is an equal and opposite reaction.
    [noncount] formal :a strong tendency or desire to oppose new political or social ideas
    They have had to fight against the forces of reaction.

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