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  • noun
    [noncount] an animal that is hunted or killed by another animal for food
    The lion stalked its prey.
    The seals are easy prey for sharks. - see also bird of prey
    someone who is easily harmed or affected in a bad way by someone or something :victim
    be/fall prey to
    to be killed by (an animal, disease, etc.)
    The deer fell prey to coyotes.
    to be harmed or affected in a bad way by (someone or something)
    Some of his friends fell prey to drugs.
    She fell prey to an online scam.
    preys; preyed; preying
    prey on/upon
    [phrasal verb]
    prey on/upon (something) :to hunt and kill (something) for food
    prey on/upon (someone) :to hurt, cheat, or steal from (someone)
    Gangs are known to prey on tourists in the city.
    prey on/upon someone's mind :to make someone worry :to be constantly on someone's mind