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  • noun
    plural palms
    [count] :the inside part of the hand between the wrist and the fingers
    The kitten was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.
    He claimed that he could read my palm. [=look at the lines on the palm of my hand and tell me what was going to happen to me in the future] - compare 2palm
    grease the palm of
    xem grease
    have someone in the palm of your hand
    to have control or influence over someone :to be able to control someone easily
    She has her boss in the palm of her hand.
    plural palms
    [count] a kind of tree that grows in tropical regions and has a straight, tall trunk and many large leaves at the top of the trunk - called also palm tree
    a bush or large plant that is related to the palm and can be grown indoors - see color picture
    the leaf of a palm especially when it is carried as a symbol of victory or in celebration of something
    palms; palmed; palming
    [+ obj] to hide (something) in the palm of your hand
    To do the card trickyou have to learn to palm one of the cards.
    a basketball :to hold (a basketball) in an illegal way for a moment while you are dribbling
    b soccer :to knock (the ball) away from the goal with your hands
    palm off
    [phrasal verb] informal
    palm (something) off or palm off (something)
    to sell (something) for more than it is worth by being dishonest about it
    to get someone to accept or do (something)
    palm yourself off as (someone) :to pretend to be (someone you are not)

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