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  • noun
    plural mints
    [noncount] :an herb that has a strong pleasant smell and taste and that is used in medicine and food - see color picture
    [count] :a piece of candy that tastes like mint - compare 2mint
    plural mints
    [count] :a place where coins are made - usually used with the
    [singular] informal :a large amount of money
    He made a mint [=he earned a large sum of moneyin real estate.
    Her family is worth a mint. [=is very wealthy] - compare 1mint
    in mint condition
    If something is in mint condition, it is in perfect condition, just as if it were new.
    He kept the car in mint condition.
    mints; minted; minting
    [+ obj] :to make (coins) out of metal
    We mint coins out of copper.