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  • verb
    -ries; -ried; -rying
    to become the husband or wife of (someone) :to become joined with (someone) in marriage [+ obj]
    I asked her to marry me.
    Will you marry meYesI will. [no obj]
    He hopes to marry [=get marriedsoon.
    [+ obj] :to perform a ceremony in which two people get married
    They hope to have a priest marry them.
    [+ obj] :to find a husband or wife for (your child) - often + to
    [+ obj] :to join or combine (two things) closely
    marry into
    [phrasal verb]
    marry into (something) :to become a member of (something, such as a family, group, culture, etc.) by marrying someone
    marry money
    to marry someone who is wealthy
    My cousin hopes to marry money.