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  • noun
    plural fuses
    [count] :a device that causes electricity to stop flowing when a current becomes too strong
    The lights went out when the fuse blew.
    change a fuse - compare 2fuse
    blow a fuse
    informal :to become very angry or upset
    plural fuses
    [count] a string that is connected to an explosive device (such as a bomb or firecracker) and that is set on fire to cause the device to explode
    light a fuse
    also US fuze :a mechanical or electrical device that causes a weapon (such as a bomb or torpedo) to explode - compare 1fuse
    a short fuse
    If you have a short fuse or you are on a short fuse, you become angry very quickly.
    The boss is known to be on a short fuse.
    fuses; fused; fusing
    to join or become joined because of heat or a chemical reaction [no obj]
    to join or combine (different things) together [+ obj]
    Brit :to stop working because a fuse has blown [no obj]
    The light fused and left us in the dark. [+ obj]

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