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  • verb
    lodges; lodged; lodging
    [+ obj] :to provide (someone) with a place to stay for a short period of time
    [no obj] :to stay at a place for a short period of time
    We lodged at the resort. - often + with
    to become stuck or fixed in a specified place or position [no obj]
    [+ obj] :to present (something, such as a complaint) to someone so that it can be considered, dealt with, etc. :file
    [+ obj] chiefly Brit :to place (something, such as money) in something or with someone so that it can be kept safe
    plural lodges
    [count] a house or hotel in the country or mountains for people who are doing some outdoor activity
    a hunting/ski lodge
    the place where a beaver lives
    a beaver/beaver's lodge
    a local group that is part of a larger organization
    He's a member of a Masonic lodge.
    a meeting place for the members of such a group
    an annual dinner at the lodge
    a chiefly Brit :a small house used by a person who works on an estate
    b Brit :a shelter or room for the use of a worker (such as a gatekeeper, doorkeeper, or janitor) at a college
    c Brit :the official residence of the head of a college that is part of a British university and especially Cambridge University
    the Master's Lodge

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