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  • noun
    plural -ters
    [count] :a structure that covers or protects people or things
    a bomb/fallout shelter
    We made a shelter from branches.
    [count] :a place that provides food and protection for people or animals that need assistance
    a shelter for battered women
    an animal shelter
    [noncount] :a place to live
    [noncount] :the state of being covered and protected from danger, bad weather, etc.
    The crowd ran for shelter when the rain started.
    They sought shelter from the storm.
    They found/took shelter in a cave during the storm. [=they went into a cave to get out of the storm] - see also tax shelter
    -ters; -tered; -tering
    [+ obj] :to protect (someone) from danger, bad weather, etc. :to provide shelter for (someone)
    [no obj] :to be in a place that provides protection from danger, bad weather, etc. :to take shelter

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