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  • adjective
    relating to or occurring in a particular area, city, or town
    local news
    a local custom
    a local newspaper
    local and state roads
    located or living nearby
    We had dinner at a local restaurant.
    The police have arrested a local man for the crime.
    This is a local shop for local peoplewe don't get many outsiders here.
    of a bus or train :making all the stops on a route
    She took the local bus. - compare express
    involving or affecting only a small area of the body
    a local infection
    local anesthesia
    plural locals
    [count] a person who lives in a particular area, city, or town :a local person - usually plural
    a train or bus that makes all of the stops along its route - compare express
    US :a local part of a labor union
    Brit informal :a pub that is near the place where you live :a local pub
    my mates down at the local

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