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  • verb
    -sists; -sisted; -sisting
    to demand that something happen or that someone do something [no obj]
    Come onlet's goOhall rightif/since you insist. [+ obj]
    usually + that
    [+ obj] :to say (something) in a way that is very forceful and does not allow disagreement
    usually + that
    Both men insist that they are innocent.
    insist on
    also insist upon
    [phrasal verb]
    insist on/upon (something) or insist on/upon doing (something) :to say or show that you believe that something is necessary or very important
    insist on/upon doing (something) informal :to continue doing (something that other people think is annoying or unimportant)

    * Các từ tương tự:
    insistence, insistent