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  • noun
    plural humps
    [count] a rounded lump on the surface of something: such as
    a raised, rounded part of a road
    a lump on the back of an animal (such as a camel)
    a lump on the back of a person whose spine is curved in an abnormal way
    the hump Brit informal :a state in which you are angry or upset
    She gets the hump when she loses. = Losing gives her the hump. [=she becomes angry or upset when she loses]
    over the hump
    informal :past the most difficult part of something (such as a project or job)
    humps; humped; humping
    [+ obj] chiefly Brit :to carry (something heavy)
    They had to hump [=lugthe supplies far into the jungle.
    offensive :to have sex with (someone)

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