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  • noun
    plural hoods
    [count] a soft covering for the head and neck often attached to a coat or cape
    a cloth covering worn over the entire head to hide a person's face
    see color picture
    a cover that is used to protect or shield something (such as part of a machine or a camera lens)
    b US :the movable metal covering over the engine of an automobile
    What kind of engine do you have under the hood?
    a hood ornament - called also (Britbonnet
    c US :a device attached above a cooking surface that is used for carrying off smoke and fumes
    a range hood - compare 2hood, 3hood
    plural hoods
    [count] US informal :hoodlum
    a gang of hoods - compare 1hood 3hood
    plural hoods
    [count] US slang :a neighborhood especially; :a poor neighborhood in a large city
    his friends in the hood
    programs to help kids living in the hood - compare 1hood 2hood

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