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  • noun
    plural -ards
    [count] :a source of danger
    a fire hazard [=something that could cause a fire]
    a health hazard = a hazard to your health [=something that could make you sick]
    [count] golf :something on a golf course (such as a pond or an area of sand) that makes hitting the ball into the hole more difficult
    a water hazard
    hazards [plural] :hazard lights
    -ards; -arded; -arding
    [+ obj] to risk losing (something, such as money) in an attempt to get, win, or achieve something
    His friend asked him to hazard a small sum in a business venture.
    to offer (something, such as a guess or an opinion) even though you may be wrong
    She was unwilling to hazard [=venturea guess as to the outcome of the election.
    hazard an opinion

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