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  • verb
    dares; dared; daring
    [no obj] :to have enough courage or confidence to do something :to not be too afraid to do something
    Try it if you dare.
    We wanted to laugh but didn't dare. - often followed by to + verb
    We didn't dare to stop.
    We didn't dare stop. = We dared not stop.
    I need to knowbut I don't dare ask.
    I wouldn't dare do it alone. = (formalI dare not do it alone.
    Do we dare ask why? = Dare we ask why?
    [+ obj] :to do (something that is difficult or that people are usually afraid to do)
    [+ obj] :to tell (someone) to do something especially as a way of showing courage
    She dared me to ask him out on a dateI didand he said yes.
    don't you dare
    used in speech to forcefully tell someone not to do something
    Don't you dare do that againor you'll be sorry!
    I'm going to tell mom that you got an F on your testDon't you dare!
    how dare you
    used in speech to show that you are angry about what someone has done or said
    How dare you touch me!
    How dare he speak to you like that!
    I dare say
    or chiefly Brit I daresay
    somewhat formal + old-fashioned - used when you are stating your opinion about something
    I dare say he's right.
    This isI dare sayone of the most beautiful places in the world.
    plural dares
    [count] :the act of telling someone to do something as a way of showing courage - usually singular
    He dared her to gobut she refused to take/accept the dare.
    (USHe jumped from the bridge on a dare. = (BritHe jumped from the bridge for a dare. [=someone dared him to jump from the bridge]

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