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  • noun
    plural gums
    [count] :the flesh that surrounds the roots of your teeth - usually plural
    gums; gummed; gumming
    [+ obj] US :to chew (something) with the gums because you do not have teeth
    The baby gummed her food. - compare 4gum
    plural gums
    [noncount] :chewing gum
    a stick/piece of gum
    a pack of gum - see also bubble gum
    [count] Brit :gumdrop
    [count, noncount] :a sticky substance in some kinds of plants that is hard when it dries - compare 1gum
    by gum
    informal + old-fashioned - used to show that you are surprised or determined
    I looked it upand by gum, she was right!
    By gum, I really mean it this time!
    gums; gummed; gumming
    compare 2gum
    gum up
    [phrasal verb]
    gum (something) up or gum up (something) informal :to prevent (something) from working or flowing properly

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