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  • noun
    plural fringes
    [count] :a border made of hanging threads used to decorate the edge of something (such as clothing, rugs, and curtains)
    a lampshade with a fringe
    [count] :a narrow area along the edge of something
    a fringe of moss around the tree - often plural
    [singular] :an area of activity that is related to but not part of whatever is central or most widely accepted
    a fringe topic
    published in a fringe journal
    fringe theater
    the fringe element
    fringe activists - see also lunatic fringe
    [count] Brit :the front section of hair cut short and worn over the forehead :bangs
    usually singular
    She wears her hair in a fringe.
    on the fringe(s)
    on the outer edge of something
    fringes; fringed; fringing
    [+ obj] to decorate (something) with a fringe
    to go along or around (something)

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