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  • adjective
    fancier; -est
    not plain or ordinary
    a fancy dress
    a fancy hairdo
    very expensive and fashionable
    a fancy restaurant
    He drives a big, fancy car.
    done with great skill and grace
    fancy footwork
    fancy diving
    US of food :of the highest grade or quality
    fancy tuna
    plural -cies
    [singular] :the feeling of liking someone or something
    She took a fancy to the stray dog. [=she formed a liking for the stray dog]
    a passing fancy [=a liking that lasts only a short time]
    [noncount] :the power of the mind to imagine things :imagination
    His plans to build a new stadium are the product of pure fancy.
    something imagined :fantasy [noncount]
    a mere fancy - see also flight of fancy at flight
    -cies; -cied; -cying
    [+ obj] informal :to take pleasure in (something)
    chiefly Brit informal :to consider (someone or something) likely to win or succeed
    Do you fancy [=liketheir chances?
    Which horse do you fancy in the Derby?
    chiefly Brit informal :to want to have or do (something)
    Do you fancy (havinganother drink? [=would you like to have another drink?]
    Brit informal :to feel sexually attracted to (someone)
    He's all rightI supposebut I can't say I fancy him.
    Brit :to imagine (something)
    The baby she brought home was the wrong one. Fancy that! [=imagine that]
    to think or believe (something) without being certain that you are right
    I fancy (thatI've met him before.
    fancy yourself
    chiefly Brit informal :to think that you look good or that you are very special or important
    I never thought I'd fancy myself in a kilt.

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