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  • adjective
    always used before a noun
    of greater age :older
    Elder is usually used to describe people who are members of the same family.
    the elder
    used in comparing the ages of two people who are members of the same family
    He's the elder of her two brothers.
    used to refer to the older of two people (such as a father and son) who have the same name
    plural elders
    [count] :a person who is older - usually plural
    (formalHe was my elder by 11 months. [=he was 11 months older than I was]
    [count] :a person who has authority because of age and experience
    a village elder
    elders [plural] :old people
    [count] :an official in some Christian churches - compare 3elder
    plural elders
    [count] :elderberry 2 - compare 2elder

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