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department /dɪˈpɑɚtmənt/  

  • noun
    plural -ments
    [count] one of the major parts of a company, organization, government, or school
    Your letter has been forwarded to our sales department.
    When you get to the hospitalgo directly to the X-ray department.
    the country's energy department
    the Department of Defense = the Defense Department
    the county sheriff's department
    the department of modern languages
    the college's athletic department
    She joined the town's police department. - abbrdept.; - see also fire department
    an area in a store where a particular kind of product is sold
    the toy department
    Which department should we go to firstI'd like to start in the men's department. [=the part of the store that sells clothing for men]
    a subject or activity that a person is interested in or responsible for
    Taking care of the cat is not my department. [=responsibility]
    b often humorous - used to say that someone or something has or does not have a particular quality
    He does pretty well in the looks department. [=he is attractive]
    Both cars do well in the safety department. [=both cars are safe to drive]

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