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  • noun
    plural units
    [count] a single thing, person, or group that is a part of something larger
    The family is the basic unit of society.
    a part of a hospital where a particular type of care is provided
    a trauma unit
    a particular amount of length, time, money, etc., that is used as a standard for counting or measuring
    a part of a school course or textbook with a particular subject
    Our class is finishing up the unit on World War I.
    US education :an amount of work used for measuring a student's progress towards earning a degree in a school, college, etc.
    business :an individual item of one of the products that a company makes and sells
    a machine or part of a machine or system that has a particular use
    one of a number of apartments in a building
    a set of similar pieces of furniture (such as shelves or cabinets) that are grouped or attached together

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