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  • noun
    plural -tions
    [count] one of the parts that form something
    the upper section of the bridge
    This section of the road is closed.
    a particular area that is part of a larger place
    the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn
    Do you want to sit in the nonsmoking section?
    a part of a newspaper, play, book, etc.
    Can I see the sports section (of the newspaper)?
    Section 1123 of the bankruptcy code
    a part of a group of people
    ads that target one section of the population
    He had his own cheering section in the stands. [=his own group of people who were cheering for him]
    [count] :one of several parts made so that something can be put together easily
    [count] :a part of a band or orchestra that has instruments of a particular kind
    the brass section
    the rhythm section
    [count] US :one of the parts of an orange, grapefruit, or similar fruit that can be easily separated from each other
    a section of grapefruit
    see color picture
    [count] medical :a layer cut from a part of the body
    [noncount] :a diagram showing how something would look if it was cut from the top to the bottom :cross section
    a drawing of a ship in section
    [count] mathematics :a shape that is made when a line cuts through a solid figure
    a conical section
    [count] US :a piece of land that is one mile wide and one mile long
    -tions; -tioned; -tioning
    [+ obj] to divide (something) into parts
    Peel and section the orange.
    Section the chicken and marinate the parts.
    Brit :to officially send (a mentally ill person) to a psychiatric hospital
    section off
    [phrasal verb]
    section (something) off or section off (something) :to separate (an area) from a larger area

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