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  • verb
    /ˈkliːv/ cleaves; cleaved /ˈkliːvd/ also cleft /ˈklɛft/ or clove /ˈkloʊv/; cleaved also cleft or cloven /ˈkloʊvən/; cleaving
    formal + literary
    to split (something) by hitting it with something heavy and sharp [+ obj]
    to pass easily and quickly through (something) [+ obj]
    [+ obj] :to separate (something) into parts
    The country was cleaved [=dividedin two by civil war. - compare 2cleave
    /ˈkliːv/ cleaves; cleaved /ˈkliːvd/ or clove /ˈkloʊv/; cleaved; cleaving
    compare 1cleave
    cleave to
    [phrasal verb] formal + literary
    cleave to (someone) :to stay very close to (someone)
    cleave to (something) :to stick closely to (something) - usually used figuratively

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