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  • noun
    plural cramps
    a sudden painful tightening of muscle in a part of the body [count] (US)
    I got a cramp in my leg while running. [noncount] (Brit)
    I got cramp in my leg while running. - see also writer's cramp
    cramps [plural] chiefly US :sharp pains in the stomach and the area near it especially because of menstruation
    cramps; cramped; cramping
    [+ obj] :to cause (a part of the body) to feel pain because of tight muscles :to cause a cramp in (your hand, foot, etc.)
    Writing for such a long time may cramp your hand.
    [no obj] :to have a sudden painful tightening of muscles :to experience a cramp or cramps
    [+ obj] :to prevent (something) from developing or growing freely
    [+ obj] :to prevent (someone) from behaving or expressing emotions freely - usually used as (be) cramped
    Someone or something that cramps your style prevents you from behaving the way you want.

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