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constitutional /ˌkɑːnstəˈtuːʃənn̩/  /Brit ˌk{scriptainv}nstəˈtjuːʃənn̩/

  • adjective
    always used before a noun :of or relating to the system of beliefs and laws that govern a country :of or relating to a constitution
    She is in favor of a constitutional amendment [=an amendment to the constitutionto overturn the unpopular law.
    constitutional law
    allowed by a country's constitution
    That kind of punishment is not constitutional. [=is not allowed by the constitution]
    the constitutional guarantee of free speech
    a constitutional right to vote - opposite unconstitutional
    of or relating to the health and strength of a person's body
    Constitutional symptoms of the disease include headache and fever.
    of or relating to a person's basic nature or character
    He has a constitutional dislike of controversy.
    plural -als
    [count] old-fashioned :a brief walk that you take to improve your health
    She's gone out for her morning constitutional.

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