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  • noun
    plural chalks
    [noncount] :a type of soft, light-colored rock
    Chalk is a kind of limestone.
    [noncount] :a substance that is made into white or colored sticks and used for writing or drawing
    a chalk drawing [=a drawing done with chalk]
    [count] :a piece of chalk
    not by a long chalk
    Brit :not at all
    Our work isn't done yetnot by a long chalk. [=(USnot by a long shotwe still have a lot more work to do]
    chalks; chalked; chalking
    [+ obj] to write or draw (something) with chalk
    to mark (something) with chalk
    chalk up
    [phrasal verb]
    chalk (something) up or chalk up (something)
    to earn or achieve (something) :to accumulate (something)
    As a runnerhe's chalked up about 1,000 miles on the track.
    Brit :to charge (the cost of drinks or food) to your account to be paid for later
    Chalk up these drinks to my accountplease.
    chalk (something) up to (something) chiefly US :to explain (something) by stating its cause :to say that (something) was caused by (something)
    Chalk it up to bad timing.

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