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  • verb
    brews; brewed; brewing
    to make (beer, ale, etc.) [+ obj]
    They brew the beer on the premises.
    to make (coffee, tea, etc.) [+ obj]
    I'll brew another pot of tea. - often + up
    [no obj] :to start to form
    plural brews
    chiefly US :a drink (such as beer or ale) that is made by brewing [noncount]
    a bottle of brew [count]
    I'll buy you a brew.
    A home brew is beer or ale that you make at home.
    [noncount] US :coffee
    a perfect cup of brew
    [count] Brit :a cup of tea
    time for a quick brew
    [count] :a mixture of different things - usually singular
    Anger and desperation make for a dangerous brew. - see also witches' brew

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