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  • verb
    bores; bored; boring
    [+ obj] :to make (someone) tired and annoyed by being uninteresting or too much the same
    Someone or something that bores you stiff or bores you to death or bores you to tears is extremely boring.
    plural bores
    [count] :an uninteresting person or thing :a person or thing that makes people feel tired and annoyed
    The lecture was a total bore. - compare 4bore, 5bore Do not confuse bore with boor.
    bores; bored; boring
    to make (a hole, tunnel, etc.) in something with a tool or by digging [+ obj]
    [no obj] :to move forward steadily
    plural bores
    [count] a hole made by boring - called also borehole
    the space inside a gun barrel that is shaped like a tube
    the width of the inside part of a gun barrel
    a .22 bore revolver - compare 2bore 5bore
    plural bores
    [count] :a giant wave that rushes into a river or bay
    a tidal bore - compare 2bore 4bore
    past tense of 2bear

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