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  • verb
    pricks; pricked; pricking
    [+ obj] :to make a very small hole in (something) with a sharp pointed object
    [+ obj] :to cause a sharp, painful feeling on or in (part of your body)
    b literary
    If tears prick your eyes, you begin to feel tears in your eyes.
    [+ obj] :to make (someone) feel guilt, shame, regret, etc.
    of an animal :to cause (the ears) to point upward [+ obj]
    The dog pricked (upits ears at the sound. [no obj]
    plural pricks
    [count] an act of making a small hole in something with a sharp pointed object
    The nurse gave my finger a (little) prick (with a needleand squeezed out a drop of blood.
    a feeling of pain caused by being touched by something sharp or pointed
    She felt a prick as the thorn jabbed her foot.
    He felt the prick of the needle.
    a slight, sharp feeling of sadness, regret, etc.
    She felt a prick of jealousy.
    He felt a prick of conscience. [=a feeling of guilt]
    informal + offensive :penis
    informal + offensive :a very bad or unpleasant man

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