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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    afraid to deal with or do things that might hurt or offend people - often used in negative statements
    Journalists can't be squeamish.
    My parents are not squeamish about talking about sex.
    As a supervisoryou can't be squeamish about firing people.
    having an unpleasantly nervous or doubtful feeling
    I used to be squeamish about eating raw fish.
    easily shocked, offended, or disgusted by unpleasant things
    I'm too squeamish to watch horror movies.
    having a sick feeling in the stomach :suffering from nausea
    She gets squeamish [=queasyat the sight of blood.
    the squeamish
    squeamish people :people who are easily shocked or offended by unpleasant things
    The movie is not for the squeamish.