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  • noun
    plural sheets
    [count] a large piece of cloth that is used to cover something
    a large piece of thin cloth used on a bed
    a usually rectangular piece of paper - see also balance sheet, rap sheet, spreadsheet, time sheet, worksheet clean sheet at 1clean
    a thin, flat, rectangular or square piece of something
    a sheet of iron/glass - see also baking sheet, cookie sheet
    a wide, flat surface or area of something
    A sheet of ice covered the driveway. - see also ice sheet
    a large moving area of something (such as fire or water)
    a sheet of flame
    sheets of rain - compare 2sheet
    plural sheets
    [count] technical :a rope or chain attached to the lower corner of a sail and used to change the position of the sail - compare 1sheet
    three sheets to the wind
    old-fashioned + humorous :very drunk

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    sheet lightning, sheet metal, sheet music, sheeting, Sheetrock