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  • noun
    plural plates
    [count] a flat and usually round dish that is used for eating or serving food
    a paper plate
    a large serving plate [=platter]
    the food that is served on a plate
    a plate of cheese and crackers
    I ate a salad and a plate of spaghetti.
    [count] :a thin, flat piece of metal
    A shiny metal plate was screwed to the door.
    [count] :license plate
    usually plural
    [count] :one of the usually flat, hard pieces that cover the body of some animals
    [singular] :a dish or small container used in some churches to collect money
    the collection plate
    the plate baseball :home plate
    The runner was tagged out at the plate. - see also step up to the plate (below)
    [count] geology :one of the very large sections of the Earth's surface that are believed to move and cause earthquakes where they touch each other - see also plate tectonics
    [noncount] metal that is covered with a thin layer of gold or silver
    gold/silver plate
    objects (such as dishes, knives, forks, etc.) that are covered with a thin layer of gold or silver
    The dishes were solid silvernot plate.
    [count] :a special page in a book that has pictures on it
    [count] :a surface of metal, plastic, or wood that is used in printing words or pictures on paper
    [count] :a sheet of glass or plastic that is treated with a special chemical and used in photography
    [count] :the part of a set of false teeth that attaches to the mouth
    the upper/lower plate of a set of dentures - see also fashion plate
    clean your plate
    xem clean
    on a plate
    informal :in a way that requires no effort :as a gift
    He was handed the job on a plate. [=he was given the job without having to do anything to earn it]
    The victory was handed to us on a plate.
    on your plate
    informal - used to refer to the things that a person has to do or deal with at one time
    She has a lot on her plate right now. [=she has a lot of things that she has to deal with right now]
    I've got enough on my plate to keep me busy this summer.
    step up to the plate
    baseball :to move into position next to home plate in order to bat - often used figuratively in U.S. English
    plates; plated; plating
    [+ obj] to add a layer of metal to the outside of (something) - usually used as (be) plated
    baseball :to cause (a run or a runner) to score

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