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  • noun
    plural -bers
    [noncount] :a strong substance that stretches and that is made out of chemicals or from the juice of a tropical tree
    tires made of rubber - often used before another noun
    shoes with rubber soles
    a red rubber ball
    a rubber raft - see also foam rubber
    [count] Brit :eraser
    rubbers [plural] US informal + old-fashioned :shoes or boots that are made of rubber and that fit over your regular shoes to keep them dry - compare galoshes
    [count] US informal :condom
    [count] baseball :a flat piece of hard, white rubber on which the pitcher stands while pitching - compare 2rubber
    burn rubber
    informal :to drive very fast
    They were burning rubber up and down the road.
    plural -bers
    [count] a contest that consists of a series of games and that is won by the player or team that wins the most games (such as two games out of three)
    Let's play a rubber of bridge.
    US sports :a game that decides who will be the winner of a series of games - usually used before another noun
    The teams will play today in the rubber game of the series. - compare 1rubber

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