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representation /ˌrɛprɪˌzɛnˈteɪʃən/  

  • noun
    plural -tions
    [noncount] :a person or group that speaks or acts for or in support of another person or group
    He had no legal representation [=he did not have a lawyerduring the trial.
    Each state has equal representation in the Senate. - see also proportional representation
    [count] :something (such as a picture or symbol) that stands for something else
    [count] :a painting, sculpture, etc., that is created to look like a particular thing or person
    [noncount] :the act of presenting or describing a person or thing in a particular way
    the film's heroic representation of America
    We discussed the representation of women in Jane Austen's novels.
    [count] formal
    a statement made to influence the opinions or actions of others
    Her representation of the situation was very confusing.
    b chiefly Brit :a formal and official complaint about something

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