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  • noun
    plural pulps
    [noncount] :the inner, juicy part of a fruit or vegetable
    the pulp of an orange
    [noncount] :the substance that is left after the liquid has been squeezed from a fruit or vegetable
    I like to strain the pulp out of my orange juice.
    a soft, wet substance that is made by crushing something [noncount]
    mashed to a pulp
    [noncount] :a soft material that is made mostly from wood and is used in making paper
    a pulp mill
    [count] US :a magazine, book, etc., that is cheaply made and that deals with sex, drugs, violence, etc., in a shocking way
    a pulp magazine
    pulp fiction
    [count, noncount] technical :the soft tissue that is inside a tooth
    to a pulp
    used to say that someone or something is very badly beaten, mashed, smashed, etc.
    He threatened to beat them to a (bloody) pulp.
    pulps; pulped; pulping
    [+ obj] :to crush (something) until it is soft and wet :to make (something) into pulp
    They will pulp the unsold copies of the book. [=turn them into pulp for making paper]

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