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  • verb
    squashes; squashed; squashing
    [+ obj] :to press (something) into a flat or flatter shape
    [+ obj] :to stop (something) from continuing by doing or saying something
    She tried to squash [=quashthe rumors.
    always followed by an adverb or preposition :to move into a space that is very tight or crowded [no obj]
    (Brit) Squash up [=move closer togetherto make room for one more person. [+ obj]
    plural squashes
    [noncount] :a game played by two people with rackets and a rubber ball in a court with four walls
    We play squash [=(Brit) squash racketsonce a week.
    a squash court/racket
    [count, noncount] Brit :a drink made with fruit juice, sugar, and water
    a glass of lemon squash
    [singular] Brit :a situation in which people or things are pushed into a space that is too small or crowded
    It's a real squash with six people in the car. - compare 3squash
    plural squash or squashes
    a type of vegetable (such as a pumpkin) that has a usually hard skin and that is eaten cooked [noncount]
    Would you like some squash? [count]
    see color picture - see also butternut squash, summer squash, winter squash - compare 2squash

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