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probability /ˌprɑːbəˈbɪləti/  

  • noun
    plural -ties
    the chance that something will happen [count]
    The probability [=likelihoodof an earthquake is low/high.
    There is a low/high probability that you will be chosen. [noncount]
    There is some probability of rain tomorrow.
    [singular] :something that has a chance of happening
    With the dark clouds moving inrain seems more like a probability than a possibility.
    a measure of how often a particular event will happen if something (such as tossing a coin) is done repeatedly [count]
    The probability of a coin coming up heads is one out of every two tries. [noncount]
    the laws of probability
    in all probability
    almost certainly :very likely
    In all probability, he will go home tomorrow.
    We will contact youin all probability,  week.